Orbitee and Midnight's Homepage


Welcome to our web site. We are just getting started with these pages so at first they probably won't look like much. We will add to the pages over time with some pictures and information.

About Us:

Here is a little information about us. More information can be found on our personal web pages.

Our Names
Orbitee - Christine Louise Moulen
Midnight - Anthony James Moulen

Where We Work
Christine works for the MIT Libraries and has a homepage of her own there.
Anthony works for IBM and has a homepage here.

Family Pages:

Amy and Ryan Neumann's Family pages. This is Christine's sister.

Some Fun Stuff:

Dead of Night - Dead of Night is a MUD (Multi User Domain). We are adminstrators on this MUD, which means that we help to run the system. MUDs are interactive environments, so if you are looking to have some fun with some other people who enjoy playing fantasy based games, stop on by Dead of Night.

A few of our Favorite things:

Lego - Legos are cool, there is no doubt about it. Especially the new MindStorms kit which lets you make neat little robots.
Linux - Well you wouldn't be looking at this page if it wasn't for Linux. Our favorite distribution is Gentoo. If you want a basic distrobution consider RedHat.
Comcast Internet - There is yet another thing that lets you see these pages. Comcast is a cable based internet service provider. What makes it so cool is the high speed. Think about a standard modem and the speed of web page downloads, now imagine that instead of a minute to get a page, you could get it in about 10 seconds. Well thanks to Comcast that can happen.